MyRSO & Chron Bon Review & Discount Coupon Promocode

MyRSO & Chron Bon Review & Discount Coupon Promocode

Rick Simpson Oil MyRSO Chron Bon Review


RSO Made Just For You, The Patient!

That’s What MyRSO Is All About!

We here at Weedly Phoenix were lucky enough to be asked to review the up and coming brand MyRSO and their amazing one gram syringe, as well as their taste bud tantalizing Chron Bon.
Reviewed By: @unclenicksmokes

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If you’re not familiar with RSO, it’s an extraction method used by a man named Rick Simpson and with his technique (along with other regiments) he was able to cure his cancer; so this is an amazing form of medicine to say the least!

To read more on Rick Simpson and his fabulous oil, click here.

There’s another name for this substance that can be used interchangeably and that is FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil).

So while some may call it by one name or another, it’s basically the same thing.

But MyRSO is from the team over at Urban Greenhouse and let me say, they got it down to a science and they are thinking about one of the most disputed topics when it comes to this medication.

I’m talking about the price.

It used to be that this miraculous plant matter was very unaffordable for patients that needed it the most and so they made that one of the focal points of their mission.

They wanted to provide RSO at an affordable rate and when you can get a full gram syringe for $30, I’d say that they got it right!

Kudos to them for bringing foresight into their mission and always thinking of the patients each and every step of the way.



What ways can you take MyRSO?

Now that’s a good question.

There’s a few ways you can choose to consume RSO, but mostly it’s taken orally.

One thing I’ll probably mention a few times around this piece is the taste, just because with most full extract oils the taste is almost too much sometimes, as it’s very bitter and tastes like you’re eating the plant straight out of the ground.

But not with this, this is actually very palatable and doesn’t leave a significant aftertaste when taking sublingually.

I felt very well and was able to maintain and monitor the use of my medication as it kept me loose and had heightened my sense of comfort as a whole.

Only taking in a small amount between my bottom lip and gums, or under my tongue every two or three hours.

Another thing I’d like to mention for patients that may have arthritis or other ailments that restrict the use of their hands; is the syringe has a plunger that is very easy to maneuver and dispense the amount of medication you will need.



Now time for the always sought after Chron Bon.

Now this is not about watching soap operas and having some snacks while you’re being entertained.

Well, you could, but you’re going to only want to eat one we assure you.

We can guarantee that if you do eat one, you’ll enjoy your shows a lot more.

These chocolate truffles are spectacular and well worth their cost at $15, because like I said above, you’re only going to want to eat one.

I first took mine after a long day and had wanted to take the edge off and relax as I had developed stress in my shoulders and was developing a bit of back pain as well.

After being blown away by the composition of the crushed almonds, coupled with smooth, sugar free white and dark chocolate, these things just melted in my mouth and it blew my mind, reminding me of when I would eat Bonbons as a child.

Within thirty minutes my back pain was all forgotten and my muscles in the shoulders had just became unbelievably relaxed and I typically don’t feel effects from edibles, but this one had me feeling great at only 100 milligrams, to where I could tell that these were definitely infused.

That would make sense though, because they’re from Flourish, duh!

They are easy on the teeth and palate by not coming in too rich or sweet, so in other words you can say it was just right.

Since my review, they’ve also thrown in a nice honey product that I’ll have to try and let you know about later!


Final Thoughts and Closing.

I still cannot say enough about what this means for the patients as well as the rest of the world.

The quality of medicine and the cost that MyRSO is delivering is just showing the hearts of the team that happened to come together to produce this for the cannabis community that they love so much.

You can really taste it in the flavor and feel it in the medication, that they do care and want to produce a product that is one of a kind, in hopes that it fixes people’s health problems for good.

I think in the end that’s probably the biggest reward that they can ask for.

And even if they never come out and say it, you can tell.

Thanks for checking out our review and thank you so much to Urban Greenhouse, Flourish Arizona and the entire team over at MyRSO for coming together to make such a fine product that truly speaks for itself.

Until next time,
Uncle Nick Smokes


Reviewed By: @unclenicksmokes

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MyRSO Test Results Here


MyRSO Discount Coupon Promocode

If you want to give these products a try, head over to Urban Greenhouse Dispensary at 2630 W Indian School Rd or at for 20% OFF MyRSO syringes. This discount comes with all the standard small print, valid while supplies, limit one per customer, cannot be combined with other offers, and is of course and as always at the discretion of your budtender.


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