Valley OG Review & 20% Off Coupon

Valley OG Review & 20% Off Coupon

Valley OG Indica Strain Review From Nirvana Center Dispensary


The Nirvana Center Kicks It “Ol’ School” w/ Their Valley OG!

Heavy Indica w/ Strong Gassy Aromas

The Strain That Really Shows How They Flex Their West Coast “Gangsta” in Arizona
Reviewed By: @unclenick.smokes
Product Photos: @grophotoaz


Overview & Effects:

The Nirvana Center’s tagline is “Find Your Nirvana” and we feel that’s more than appropriate for them.

However, on this one, we here at Weedly Phoenix are going to ask you to go and find your “gangsta” in all its originality and to ponder what it means to be original with your gangsta.

It means having a level head, which this bud most certainly does that with its Indica properties and effects; the type that has you just “chillin’” to use the parlance of our times.

But what it means is to know that you have something everyone wants and we think Nirvana knows just that, as they have really produced a fantastic grow with this one.

This bud allows for you to be carefree and unstressed, along with it alleviating your depression and ailments of that sort, you’re sure to be feeling like king or queen of your domain.

With me being from the era that I’m from, I’m quite familiar with the moniker of OG, as those are the ones that showed me the ropes long ago and what I learned is that you have to be original and stay on your game in order to maintain.

When you do that, the world will come to you and you just take your pick of the opportunities that come your way.

So I say this to you, do the OG thing and cop some of this flower as it is something to experience first hand and not just talk about.


The Sights:

The colors are that of a beautiful light green with some darker greens, coupled with some mid-tone orange hairs, covered in a sticky white resin.

These dense nugs vary in size, but each breaks down into much more than meets the eye and it fills a blunt or rolling paper nicely.

Now that’s gangsta!


The Smells:

The aroma of this strain is an earthy tone and is that highly regarded Kush smell that people have come to associate and love about the bud.

When ignited, the smells take on a woody, piney smell and when exhaled resembles another spicy, earthy, piney smell.

Maybe you should do something an OG wouldn’t necessarily do and take a trip to the woods and smoke this shit?

I dunno? Just a thought?



Price & Closing:

Nirvana is bringing you all of this at the OG price of $75 for a quarter ounce!

That’s taxes included too, in case you didn’t know.

When you keep your prices competitive, you’re doing something an OG would do as well, because you want to provide a service, but also provide a great price point.

It doesn’t hurt that this strain is coming in with testing results of up to 26% on the THC content!

For us to say that this stain is anything less than gangsta, would be very un-gangsta of us and that’s something that we could never live down.

So to that we say, if you’re looking for something that will have you and your whole demeanor turned into that of someone who’s on the top of their game, then I and Weedly Phoenix suggest you “C-Walk” down there and cop a whole zone.

That way you have enough for you and the crew next time you’re plotting on your next power moves in your hood.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading this review and be on the lookout as we review the next strain here on Weedly Phoenix.


Until next time!
Uncle Nick @unclenick.smokes

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