Free My Cure at AZ Bike Week 2018

Free My Cure at AZ Bike Week 2018

Nicola Dickens Says FUCK CANCER & FREE MY CURE!

Weedly Phoenix Lends a Helping Hand to Free My Cure at Arizona Bike Week 2018

Free My Cure is a social progressive movement started by Nicola Dickens, or Nikki as she likes to be called, where the goal is to help spread awareness about cannabis usage as a great to option for treatment and quality of life for other folks in her unfortunate situation.

A situation that affects 14.7 million Americans and with numbers like those more than likely it’s been something that’s hit close to home for you at least once.

We’re talking about cancer and all the bullshit that comes with it.

Hers just happens to be cancer of the bladder and where up until not too long ago, she was also like many Americans and didn’t know about the phenomenal benefits to using this life saving plant as a medication to help with the process of getting the disease to go into remission and to eventually have it disappear completely.

She was stuck in the ruts of going to physicians from all over and only being given one option and that was the use of opioids to try to help cope with the pain.

Left With No Options

In a place of desperation she had her eyes opened to the world of cannabis thankfully and has had her life turned around because of it.

However, this time she truly is in a push for her life as well as her life’s mission and that’s to help educate the public about the unnecessary stigma that surrounds cannabis and to help patients like herself with access to clean meds that have testing and to have the state require that testing be done in the state of Arizona so ill and dying patients don’t have to pollute their bodies with questionable cannabis that should be healing them.

She’s currently doing a huge media push to help share her story.

Checkout Free My Cure

YouTube: @Free My Cure
Instagram: @docgreenhaze

You can also read some of Nicola’s written pieces over at Weed World Magazine

Where Does Weedly Phoenix Fit In?

We here at Weedly Phoenix were lucky enough to have been asked to help with her media pass to Arizona Bike Week 2018 at WestWorld; where she’ll be exhibiting a dying patient discreetly medicating while in public at an event such as this.
To where it doesn’t have to be a spectacle worthy of sideways looks and police interaction just for someone to cure what is ailing them.

She’s been given the only pass of its kind to attempt such a thing and we trust it’s going to open doors as well as eyes for so many people still in the dark or on the fence about whether or not this is REAL medicine.

So we reached out to our good friends over at The Glendale Greenhouse and The Nirvana Center Phoenix location to ask for donations of medication to help Nicola get through this process; and they were more than happy to donate to a cause such as this, because of their inherent giving nature and how they know it’s all about community of patients and their needs.

Follow us this week as we help tell her story as only we can and give you that real feel of what makes this Phoenix, Arizona cannabis community great!

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