AZ Medical Marijuana Patients With A Purpose

AZ Medical Marijuana Patients With A Purpose

Weedly Phoenix Launch Announcement

A New Day Is Dawning In The Valley Of The Sun


Today is great day for the world! Today the world gets to reap from the harvest of a long dedicated process completely free from alterations and corner cutting of any kind. Nothing but straight organically produced product all from hard work, patience and focus!

Sounds like we’re talking about weed, huh? Well, we’re not. We’re talking about Weedly Phoenix and how now is the time for all to take advantage and become plentiful themselves in mind, spirit and body.

We’re talking about how this is a local directory that is done by the people for the benefit of the people and the people we’re talking about are the patients of course. You cannot be helpful to one another until you yourself are whole and we want to provide you all a platform that is able to help you get what you do out to the public in the areas that matter, to those in which you live and play.

A platform where you can show the world what you do to make the AZ MMJ community better and the world as a whole with the use of cannabis in your daily life as your medicine of choice.

You can take pride in it with a sense of that the people you’re helping are right in your community and will benefit from your personal experience and your opinion on things happening here in the valley and with the cannabis community in general.


Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients with Purpose

We want to show the world that we are community of driven patients who have a mission to make the best meds accessible to the patients that need it from the locations that are providing nothing but the best.

We want to show the world that we are creative and loving and accepting to anyone and everyone, whether they choose to use cannabis to medicate or not. We are a better people and we can see it as we go to these community events and gatherings. Social events focused on real change that is all about progressive legislation for the city of Phoenix, the state of Arizona, the United States and the rest of the world’s populace.

This amazingly benevolent plant has been put here to bless us all, as is Weedly Phoenix. So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing to make the AZ cannabis community better. We appreciate you all and can see your hard work, dedication and focus and we want to give you somewhere for others to see that too!


A Calling for Others to Help Others

This is all for the people and was a side project for us at first, that turned into something that we saw the people needed because of it’s purpose and what it meant to us to give to the world. It’s something we love to do and we know the world needs to focus a little more on people and their worth and how they can transform themselves and the environment around them with just a little help and confidence from others around them. All of which doesn’t come with any contingencies other than you being yourself and to put forth an actual effort to help others.

We will see the effort and help you with anything we can, because this is a team effort that is really going to show if we’re divided over subtle differences or if there’s just an inequality to be able to maintain a cohesive relationship with others in the AZ cannabis community.

We leave you this gift. It’s up to you all to see what it will become. We still will be working tirelessly with our without you, but we would like to see that’s it’s more with than without. Because there’s ALWAYS room for more when you know you have everything you need!

Weedly is just a vessel that is going to speak for us. We just want to see how loud that voice can get and to show where the power of people is enough to create any change that you would like see!

Thanks to the beautiful Arizona Cannabis Community from all of us here at Weedly Phoenix!



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