UGD Warehouse 13 Grow Op Tour

UGD Warehouse 13 Grow Op Tour


Urban Greenhouse Dispensary Grow Operation Tour

UGD Shows Weedly Phoenix How They Inspire The Revolution.


Urban Greenhouse is one of the premier dispensaries in the forefront of the Arizona Cannabis community, and we here at Weedly Phoenix were lucky enough to have gotten an invitation to the grow operation to see where the magic happens that not too many folks get to see for themselves.

Most get to see the dispensary and let us say that the people they have working there are beyond amazing and as you can see if you’ve ever been, the end product is quite fantastic as well.

But we’re going to take you as they say from “soil to oil” in our little trip to the Urban Jungle as I like to refer to it now and see how one Phoenix, Arizona dispensary is helping to “Inspire the Revolution” not only here in Phoenix, but the rest of the world if they can help it.

Our relationship with Urban Greenhouse has been nothing short of shall I say, exquisite when it comes to how they treat people as a whole and it shows as a reflection of who they are as people. That’s what you should know first foremost, is that this place is really about the people and how they do what they do, day in and day out for one thing and one thing only.

That’s right, the people. You, the patients!


What better way to run a business than with incorporating love for the people in the business model?


Photography © 2017 Torey Grassmyer for Weedly Phoenix


How do we know that they love the patients? Well, when we had first met them they were open to talking and meeting on a personal level to be able to provide us with a very professional and creative experience.

When I had first met their marketing manager by the name of Young, she was very excited to meet me and hear what Weedly Phoenix was all about. She had seen us around the web and was curious to see in detail how the whole thing worked. After explaining to her the benefits of our fine directory and how we are local news source, she had offered to help promote us and involve us in their events and whatnot, as well as coming to the grow to check things out for ourselves.

Which brings us to the piece you’re reading right now and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing you it.

As we made our way into the office we were escorted into the conference room to discuss things and prepare for the tour. Let us say that when it comes to making sure their team has a comfortable work environment, that Urban Greenhouse is one to take note of, with a very clean and modern setting complete with tons of room to handle the grand tasks at hand every day.

And if you were working somewhere, wouldn’t you want your environment to want for naught?

While we were getting ready to start the tour we had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with some of the owners and very briefly as they had important business matters to tend to. Business meetings, phone calls. You know, the norm when you’re running a successful business like theirs. But they were very cordial and had welcomed and thanked us for coming.

The first place we had went to was the trimming room where they have the very large task of having to trim 2 pounds of flower each and every day; per person. With a team of 8 to 10 people, you can see that that’s quite a bit of product they’re preparing for you all!

They let their flower slow dry for 1-2 weeks and they have seperate, commercial sized c vaults for all the phenos that they are wanting to put on the shelves to ensure that the bud is ready to go and ready for consumption at the dispensary.

We’re talking phenos like White Fire, Gorilla Glue and Mimosa. They don’t ever fall short of making sure that they have a vast variety for their patients and as it should be when it comes to running a dispensary.


They take their time to inspect everything that may not meet their stringent standards of testing for quality and appearance. They do send their products off for testing to ensure that they are free of mold or pesticides and things of that nature.


One thing I like to input because I feel it adds to the pride and moral of their team and that’s their method of promoting from the inside for all positions in the company. There were people who we met there that started out in the dispensary as budtenders and they’ve strived and worked their way up to better positions within the company as a whole. They’re all very knowledgeable, personable and what you would want for a team caring for the end product that you consume.

Each and every stage of the grow had its own room for cultivation and are more than up to date with the latest technology for making sure that environments are perfect for the little green ladies to produce those sweet and tasty buds that we all love. From the veg rooms, to the curing rooms, they are all monitored for any diversion as well as cleaning up and disposal of anything that’s come into contact with the ground and anything else that might damage its integrity.

They had recently gotten their concentrate team into new quarters and they were still in the process of getting everything situated, but it certainly didn’t deter them from continuing their work as usual. We were also lucky enough to see them in the middle of stuffing and blasting a new tube as well as the purging of a new slab and if you haven’t ever gotten to see the science of this being done then I suggest you do, because it’s fucking amazing!

We had also gotten to segway into some folks getting a tour of the Pura Earth facilities (which are housed on the same grounds) where we got to see the entire process of how their distillate is made, but that’s for another piece in the future so stay tuned.

As we made our way to the end of the tour we were able to grab some lunch which is catered each and every day for the employees of the grow and home office. This is something we feel shows their dedication to their team and them being comfortable in order to produce the best work possible.

All in all, this was one of the most amazingly eye opening experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to undertake and I hope it was enough for you to get a glimpse into how Urban Greenhouse is constantly working and improving the way they do things so that they can always be the leader when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries here in Phoenix and the rest of the United States.

It’s easy to see why their motto is “Inspire the Revolution” because I am definitely inspired and I hope you all are too!

Be sure to let them know Weedly Phoenix sent you and give them all a great, big thank you for all that they do. Also do them a favor and let your friends know about this great team and all they represent for the community of cannabis here in Phoenix!

Thank you all for stopping by and until next time.

Nicholas Michæl


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