5 Best Dispensaries in Phoenix Arizona

5 Best Dispensaries in Phoenix Arizona

When it comes to dispensaries in Phoenix, Arizona there’s quite a bit of a selection to choose from thankfully. But how do you choose the best one? That’s a tough question given that there are so many top notch dispensaries here in the valley, but we here at Weedly Phoenix want to try to help you make that decision with who we think are ones for you to visit.

Maricopa County and the rest of the Phoenix valley is big and spread out so this may be different depending upon which side of town you’re on. But if you’re going to be going around town to only deal with the best, then this piece is to help you decide which ones you’re going to want to visit first.

The numbers in the list are not indicating their rank. It’s just put together as if we were driving around with you to visit the locations. So please just draw your own conclusion and choose which ones you feel speak to you and your personality more. 


Giving Tree Wellness Center - Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary

5. The Giving Tree Wellness Center of Mesa

938 E. Juanita Ave, Mesa, AZ

The Giving Tree Wellness Center of Mesa is next on the list. Weedly likes this dispensary because they too have their own cultivated meds that they are proud of  and you should be proud to try because the flower is fantastic.

New Patient special includes you get a BOGO on any Giving Tree product. That’s BOGO on ¼ ounce. BOGO on grams of shatter and hash. Capsules? Same thing, BOGO all the way!

The staff is great and the waiting room is very cool and somewhere you wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of time before purchasing your meds.

Along with vendors stopping by all the time to sweeten the pot and give specials on certain days where they offer BOGOs on their products, so it’s a time to really stock up on some meds and why not with specials like that!

This dispensary is conveniently located right off the 60 so you can make sure that you’re not going to be driving around all crazy just to locate it. 

skyleredward420 on Leafly says:
“I was by last week finally and got some Hollister Kush. Wow, the dense buds was exactly what I was looking for. I broke one open and it was like opening up a treasure chest. All those shiny beautiful trichomes. Now the taste, makes me want to just keep smoking it. You all put love into your product. Thank you all again so much!”


TruMed Dispensary - Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

4. tru|med

1613 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ

We love the way that tru|med’s dispensary looks. Very clean, very sleek and sophisticated as well as their convenient location on 40th St right off the 202. They have their own house strains to choose from like the tru|med Blue Dream, which is always sure to be a hit!

The staff is friendly and helpful and adds to the experience of making this one of the top spots to visit when you’re doing a dispensary tour here in the valley.

With great specials going on daily like their happy hour specials that go from 8pm to 10pm where you get a free pre-roll for every $50 spent. Their first time patient special is one of the better ones where they’ll give you an ⅛ when you buy an ⅛, or if you buy a gram of shatter they give you a gram of shatter!

If you’re looking for an experience that you dream about when it comes to visiting a dispensary, then we suggest that you check out tru|med when you’re in town and we’re sure you won’t leave disappointed.

Gomez9741 on Leafly says:
“As “one of the top 5 spots” my friend recommended, couldn’t have been a better experience. Flowers, concentrate,& service all top shelf. ”


Nature's Medicines Dispensary - Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

3. Nature’s Medicines

2439 W. McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ

With this dispensary being located right off the I-17 as well, the convenience is just one of the things that make this place stand out amongst the competition. That along with $6.00 to $12.00 grams of flower, you’re sure to find something that is not only kind to your soul, but kind to your pocketbook as well.

We love the whole deli style flow that they have going on here. Everything is out to see and prepped right in front of you as you order so you know you’re getting the strain and amount that you are needing. There’s no funny business over here for sure!

They test every batch of flower and concentrate as they take quality very seriously and we cannot commend them enough for that. Because the patients deserve transparency with their meds and deserve to know fully what they’re getting and Nature’s Medicines is all for it.

The staff is always very helpful and hospitable and expedient with their service, so you can assure that you’re not going to be having a 15 to 30 minute wait like some places. They’re like a machine they way they’re able to flow and we love to watch them work and we think you will too!

A.B. Mejia on Leafly says:
“Best dispensary in all of Phoenix! Fast and friendly service along with an awesome staff. Definitely recommend this dispensary to any card holder.”


Urban Greenhouse Dispensary - Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

2. Urban Greenhouse Dispensary

2630 W. Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ
Urban Greenhouse is definitely doing their thing when it comes to cannabis in Phoenix. What we mean by that is that they have their own cultivation facility that is state-of-the-art and produces nothing but the finest flower. The staff is full of knowledge and is always waiting to answer any question you may have when it comes to the meds and how they’re grown and prepared.

They are always doing amazing specials with discounts on their fine meds like the spectacular PuraEarth Arizona Palm Sticks as well as shatter, pre-rolls, edibles and anything else that you can think of. 
They have a loyalty point program to help you get free meds after a certain level of points have been accumulated!

Their First Time Patient special is pretty great too. With a BOGO on any one item of the same price, like say for instance when you buy a quarter, you get a quarter.

This dispensary is very clean and put together to where the product just stands out asking to be chosen by you. It’s conveniently located as well. With it being right off the I-17, you’re able to get your meds and get back on the road in no time.

We definitely suggest you check this one out for sure!

Stardust710 on Leafly says:
“One of my favorites! When it’s done being remodeled it’s going to be AMAZING! Friendliest staff for sure! Love their point system!”


Arizona Organix Dispensary - Phoenix Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

1. Arizona Organix

5301 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale AZ

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Glendale, this dispensary gets to have the bragging rights of being Arizona’s 1st State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary and that’s something to be said.

Opening its doors in 2012 they continue to be the ones who are setting the bar when it comes to how dispensaries are run in Arizona. With an ample selection of flower to choose from (including their signature Papa’s OG strain) we’re sure you’ll be able to find the one that suits your exact needs.

They are the “home of the $200 oz” as well as being known for their unlimited $25 grams of shatter; and how can we forget about the amazing, tasty and clean SAP!

As you can see the product is top notch and as for the staff, we love them! They’re always so cheerful and helpful that you can tell that they call really love their jobs and helping patients.

The dispensary is clean, organized and full of all types of information to help you make your decision before heading to the back to purchase your meds. After all, an informed patient is a happy patient and at Arizona Organix we can assure you that when you visit, you will always leave pleased to have went to get your meds from folks who are true professionals and masters of their craft!

Shmily123 on Leafly says: 
“This location was a really great first experience being a new card holder. They were SO patient with me and very informative when i asked questions. It was a very warm atmosphere and i didn’t feel rushed, and the prices were decent for me. Definitely going to be a main location for me now.”

We’ve only just begun

Thanks for checking out Part 1 of Weedly’s 10 Best Dispensaries in Phoenix, Arizona and be sure to be on the lookout for the next blog where we follow up with the rest of the dispensaries that made the list. 
We’ll see you next time!

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