Name: Jeremiah Sasko
Age: 33
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Background: I was born in Maryland grew up on Virginia, a year ago (2017) I decided to come across the country to thrive in this industry.
Education: Cannabis Training University passed the masters exam and has a certificate of completion.
Interest: my interest have always been in how to help my fellow man. This often takes me on a journey of discovery and down countless rabbit holes learning how to better argue cannabis as legit medicine nation wide.
Hobbies: honestly and at the risk of being made fun of I still play pokemon go, and I watch wrestling.
Career Path: My goal is to be a trusted source for information and create a quality medicine that will benefit human life for eons to come. So I’m currently working with a fantastic company Myrso and am happy to chase and live my dream.
For Fun: I love smoking cannabis rolling joints and blunts. I feel I’m just gifted and should be twisting professionally. Haha 🤣
Favorite Music: Dr. HOOK and the medicine show. Most the songs were written by Shel Silverstein a hero of mine.
Favorite Leisure Activity: if I get time I like to kick back and watch a television show with my lady. Go for walks. I want to go on a cruise. I imagine that is the goal for leisure activity.
Passion: My passion is this medicine MYRSO I am happy to tell patients about a product that can do some real good.
Patient or Recreational: I am a patient and am proud of it.
First Introduced to Cannabis: I was 13 when I fist smoked cannabis, and I loved how it mellowed out my active racing mind.
How Has Relationship Evolved?: on the east coast I got in black market in a bag. A handshake with a prize inside. Here I get to harvest these beauties in a state of the art grow facility. That gets me pumped.
Favorite Method: favorite method if consumption is flower. There is something nostalgic about the whole ritual.
Favorite Strain: as a young man. White Rhino as an adult Dr. Who
Cannabis Brands and Affiliations: Urban Greenhouse Dispensary, MYRSO. Patient care specialist and production of Myrso for the dispensary.
Introduction To The Industry: I submitted a resume to with a cover letter. And drove across the country with a interview no garuntees. Glad It worked out, I’ve almost been there a year now.