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Back when I had written a research paper on the legalization of hemp while I was a sophomore in high school I had no idea that it would come to fruition just 20 years later in my state of Arizona.

I got a D on the paper, because of the subject matter among other things, go figure? But it didn’t deter me from knowing deep down that I was the one who was right and that they were just archaic in a sense with their thinking.

Now that I have the opportunity to be productive and progressive in this dream come true community, I have to just laugh at it all because I have found a place where I can apply my passion and skills to help others discover this life saving plant.


As a community thought leader I want to encourage dialog about this plant and I welcome anyone to join me.


But the business and artistic side of things helped pull me out of a hole that I was in and I couldn’t be more appreciative of what it’s done for me.

It’s something that I take tremendous pride in and want others to be able to use in order to lift themselves to a new level in their lives.

I say this because I have had a lot of jobs; and not in the cannabis industry.

But I knew I loved cannabis and that I loved marketing, social media, writing and the internet in general so I decided to team up with some amazing people and help start this Weedly Phoenix project that we’re on now!



So now I happen to do social media, SEO, blogging and copywriting for others that need the help I provide.

Thanks everyone for checking out my profile and feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have and I hope to work with all of you in the future!

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